What is Homeo-puncture?

Homeo-puncture is a new age medical therapy that combines therapy of Homeopathy and acupuncture to balance neurohormonal mechanism. It is a methodology by which the specific homeopathic remedy is placed directly in the tissue to enhance the action and faster relief. Normally in homeopathy, the remedy is placed under the tongue (liquid) or swallowed as a tablet. But in homeopuncture the remedy is placed directly in the tissue. The saliva and other oral barriers are avoided (bypassed). Homeopuncture provides fast relief and helps eliminate the imbalance that allows for symptoms of disease to develop.

Advantages of Homeo-Puncture

1. No Aggravation

2. Action is direct and immediate.

3. The Remedy Remains Pure

4. No Side effects

Disease it is helpful to?

1. Sciatic Pains

2. Neuralgic Pains

3. Trigerminal Neuralgia

4. Migraine and headaches

5. Infertility in men and women very usefull

6. Menstrual Diorders and pains

7. Any nerve disorders and sensitivity

8. Autism and Adhd

9. Facial glow

10. Sinusitis and cold

11. Asthma

12. Depression

13. Insomnia

14. Fast effect in skin disorders

15. Low Back Pains

16. Neck Pains

17. Carpel Tunnel Syndromes

18. Hormone Regulations

19. Increase blood supply


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