Uterine fibroid or myoma is a non-cancerous tumor of the uterus.
They vary in size and grow within the muscles of the uterus, on the
outside of the uterus, hang in the uterine cavity or very rarely form
within the cervix. Uterine fibroids are extremely common and
occur in about 25% of women by age of 40. Uterine fibroids are
rarely a cause for concern, but when they become too large, or
there are many present, they may become a problem.
Types of Uterine Fibroids
Submucosal: Growth in the innermost layer of the uterus.
Intramural: Growth in the middle layer of the uterus.
Subserosal: Growth in the outer wall of the uterus.
Pedunculated: Growth attached to a stalk either outside of the
uterus or within the uterine cavity.
Cervical: Growth in the cervical tissue.
Interligamentous: Growth between the uterine broad ligaments.
No one knows what exactly causes fibroids but it is proved that
their growth depends on i estrogen hormone levels because of this,
fibroids enlarge, during estrogen (hormonal) replacement therapy
and pregnancy. Contraceptives are also known to cause them.
• Extreme cramping during menstruation
• Excessive, heavy, irregular or prolonged bleeding.
• A frequent urge to urinate
• Painful sexual-intercourse.
• Abdominal lump.
• Lower back pain
• Bowel pressure with constant urging for stool.
• Infertility

Homeopathic Treatment

Homoeopathic remedies are natural and completely safe, with no
side effects. It is a scientific system of therapeutics which is based
on identifying the individual as an entity and according to their
characteristics, a medicinal picture is identified.
Fibroids are the leading cause of hysterectomy (the removal of the
uterus). Removal of uterus leads to surgically induced menopause.
Which will disrupt the production of hormones, thereby causing
symptoms that are more severe, more frequent and last longer
compared with symptoms of natural menopause.
Homeopathy works by balancing the hormone level in the body
and shrinking the fibroids. The length of treatment varies from
woman to woman and essentially depends on the size and number
of fibroids. Homeopathy, being a holistic treatment method, not
only aids the treatment of the discomforts caused by uterine
fibroids but also has a positive effect on the overall health of the
woman. Here in Bangalore, one of the very few establishments
that practice this result oriented science to excellent proficiency is
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Clinic. They also provide a dietary plan that can ensure this doesn’t
occur again.
• Reduce fatty food
• Increase fiber intake
• Include more citrus fruits
• Include leafy vegetables

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