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Gall Bladder
The gallbladder stores bile, essential for digestion of fats and when the
components of bile become out of balance, gallstones may occur. Studies show
that approximately 20% of women and 8% of men over the age of 40 have
gallstones which may range in size from a pinhead to a golf ball. Once a stone is
formed it may take many years before symptoms are seen. When a gallstone
moves and gets lodged in the duct between the liver and the duodenum it causes
a sudden, intense pain in the upper right abdominal area. Partial or complete
blockage of the bile duct with a gallstone will lead on to jaundice or pancreatitis.

Kidney Stones
Once a rarity, kidney stones are increasingly common. It occurs most frequently in
men over the age of 40. If these kidney stones block the ureter the resulting pain
is severe. The leading cause of kidney stones is a lack of water in the body. A
previous kidney stone occurrence increases the risk that a person will develop
subsequent stones in the future if preventative action is not taken.

Our Treatment
Here at Dr Jasna’s Value Life Weight Management Clinic we have a
homeopathic treatment that helps in flushing out the current stone and we also
have a 30 day health program which includes a detox and a naturopathic diet
treatment to remove the tendency of stone formation once again.

Health Program

1. Role of Homeopathy: Regulating the hormone, detoxifying, boost immune,
altered hormone mechanism and stimulate your body’s metabolism to burn more
fat. We do not get into medicine level .
2. Role of Naturopathy: Diet planning
3. Role of Yoga: Stress relaxation and hormone control.
4. Initial phase involves complete detox of the body. Cleansing toxins from
your body.
5. Second phase involves anti-oxidant treatment. During this phase, body
prepares you to get rid of unnecessary cravings, increased patience levels, etc.
6. Third phase focuses on maintaining the necessary body levels.
7. Towards the 25th-30th day, we schedule a session with the Nutritionist, to
help you maintain the diet, with a proper diet chart you can avoid future
8. No exercise or strain for the body is necessary, as the body will be utilizing
all its reserves.
9. No mandatory monthly follow ups or daily visits.
10. No artificial supplements or health drinks.

‘Dr Jasna’s Value Life Weight Management Clinic the best weight loss
management clinic in Bangalore and best homeopathy clinic in Bangalore, where
they have experts catering to each of the respective fields. So to those who
have tried everything possible with no chance of success, give this a shot.

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