To be adored is a lovely feeling. But, have you ever adored yourself? It’s time to start doing that and here is how we can help you.

Presenting the “Adore Diet Therapy” a unique diet therapy formulated using the latest scientific practices, combined with Yoga/Exercise and ofcourse incorporating a well-proportioned nutritious diet.

How does our program work?

Experts involved

  1. Every person’s body constitution, lifestyle, past diet history & illnesses vary and hence there is no common methodology that we (can) follow.
  2. We have 3 phases in our 40 days diet plan.
  3. Adore Phase 1: Cleanse the toxins in your Kidney and Liver, just with diet.
  4. Adore Phase 2: Introducing a lot of antioxidants into the body. These free radicals negatively affect cell membrane health, Protein, and DNA expression, which can trigger a number of human diseases. Antioxidants are our natural protectors.
  5. Adore Phase 3: Helps burn your fat, thereby increasing the body metabolism and muscle mass.
  6. We help you get rid of all deficiencies in your body. In short, these 40 days are a refill mechanism (make your body nutrient-rich), which in turn helps your body increase the metabolism.

How this diet benefits you?

  1. Helps you get rid of most deficiencies in your body and increase your metabolism.
  2. Focused on Fat reduction, than a mere weight reduction.
  3. Visceral fat reduction.
  4. Muscle mass would increase. You can understand this from your increased energy levels.
  5. ZERO
  6. No meal replacements.
  7. Non-surgical.
  8. No rigorous exercises – a specific pattern of exercise is recommended for each individual, which could vary basis each person’s body requirements. Excess exercise will never help for weight reduction.
    Eg: A – works out 6 hours a day for 6 months, tries to do weight lifting and increases weights, but he could never achieve his demand.
    Mr. B – works out 45 mins effectively, with proper direction on fitness and diet. He could increase weights with a good progress.
    This effectively says diet and fitness goes hand in hand. A proper Nutritional Counselling and proper exercise regimen are the key.
  9. Coaching is much required during the diet planning.
  10. Choosing a step-by-step guide to help get you on the road to weight loss and better health.
  11. Improvement in mood and state of well-being.
  12. Good Inch Loss, which means you start fitting back into your old dresses!
  13. Increased energy levels and feel stronger.
  14. More muscle strength.
  15. Reduction in craving for junk food and sweets.
  16. No immediate weight gain.
  17. Being nutritionally complete.
  18. Feeling satisfied after eating.
  19. Can go a long time without eating or being hungry, if unavoidable.
  20. Helps prevent common health concerns, like heart disease and Diabetes.
  21. Be safe and pose no long-term health risks.
  22. Abnormal blood reports like High Triglycerides, TSH variation, HbA1C values should be back to normal or close to normalcy. (Takes time to reflect in your blood report. Do not expect immediate results)

Role of supplements: Only in case of extensive deficiency or for supporting hormones.