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Teenage Obesity: Helpful Tips for Kids and Parents

What Are the Common Causes of Teenage Obesity? ● Genetic factors ● Lack of physical activity ● Having junk food, aerated drinks, and unhealthy eating patterns ● Excessive usage of gadgets thereby avoiding regular physical activities ● Socioeconomic issues ● Metabolism – the way a body turns food into energy ● Staying up late at […]


The coronavirus lockdown has impacted many sections of societies. One such category is people who are suffering from addiction problems due to isolation and restrictions of supply. There are various reasons for substance addiction. Stress is one major factor that leads people to get addicted to substances. A person can get addicted to different types […]

Simple and Effective Means to Lose Weight

There is no denying that the thought of losing weight has crossed the mind of anyone who has passed even a kilo from their standard height-weight ratio and while this remains a true statement one cannot even start to think about losing weight as the very first thought that pops up into their mind is […]

Fatty Liver Treatment

The liver is the second largest organ in the body and is responsiblefor processing everything we eat and drink, and filtering harmfulsubstances from the blood. It’s normal to have small amounts offat in your liver, but too much can become a health problem. It iscalled Fatty liver, or hepatic steatosis. It is becoming a morecommon […]

No More Diabetes Worry

Type 2 Diabetes is seen mostly in those who have abdominal obesity. Obesity causes the body to release chemicals that can destabilize the body’s cardiovascular and metabolic systems. A person with diabetes has a condition in which the quantity of glucose in the blood is too elevated (hyperglycemia). This is because the body does not […]

Autism Care

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Autism are both general terms for a group of complex disorders of brain development. It usually occurs in children and parents start noticing these changes only after social interactions and other non-responsive behavior which makes the initial 2-3 years of life hard to diagnose. ASD can be associated with intellectual […]

Homeo-Puncture – The New Age Medical Marvel

What is Homeo-puncture? Homeo-puncture is a new age medical therapy that combines therapy of Homeopathy and acupuncture to balance neurohormonal mechanism. It is a methodology by which the specific homeopathic remedy is placed directly in the tissue to enhance the action and faster relief. Normally in homeopathy, the remedy is placed under the tongue (liquid) […]

Homeopathy and Weight Loss

Homeopathy believes in understanding the cause of the disease, rather than treating the effect. A detailed history of the patient is taken into consideration so that the cause of weight gain can be completely understood and not treat ‘weight gain’ separately. The main causes for weight gain include hypothyroidism, depression, slow activity of intestines, and […]