Adore Diet Therapy

Our fat loss program, includes the following:

  1. Detailed Patient history is taken, after doing a proper FAT SCAN ANALYSIS, to understand the fat accumulated in the body and the muscle mass to fat ratio. This is done every 7th day to maintain the muscle mass and to make a note of any electrolyte imbalance.


  3. Proper personalized diet treatment with Homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic medicines help in regulating the hormone, detoxifying, boost immune, altered hormone mechanism and stimulate your body’s metabolism to burn more fat.

  4. Initial phase involves complete detox of the body. Cleansing toxins from your body.

  5. Second phase involves anti-oxidant treatment. During this phase, body prepares you to get rid of unnecessary cravings, increased patience levels, etc.

  6. Third phase focuses on fat loss and regaining muscle mass.

  7. Towards the 25th day, we schedule a session with the Nutritionist, to help you maintain the diet, with a proper diet chart and plan to maintain the lost fat.

  8. No exercise or strain for the body is allowed, as the body will be utilizing all its reserves.

  9. No mandatory monthly follow ups or daily visits.

  10. No artificial supplements or health drinks.

  11. This program can be done only once in 3 months. If body fat is too high we recommend to have this done in a 3 months interval. If not only 1 cycle, along with diet maintenance thereafter will help.

Why settle for anything artificial and mediocre, when you can choose the best your body deserves?!

Natural & Safe

Our Programs are completely Natural and has use of NO artificial supplements.

No Exercise

Heard of fat loss without exercise ever? That is the key here!

Weight Loss

Most effective weight loss programs, that suit your body type and lifestyle!

Nutrition Plans

The most Natural nutrition plan you can get ever. No artificial supplements. Hence, NO side effects!

Beneficial to…

  1. People with Obesity

  2. People who tend to over eat.

  3. Hormone disorders: PCOD, Thyroid, Diabetes.

  4. To bring back Cholesterol and Triglycerides to normal.

  5. Lipoma

  6. Fatty liver

  7. For giving immunity boost.

  8. Skin issues and acne.

  9. Weight due to stress.

  10. Patients with joint pains due to high Uric Acid levels etc.

  11. Very useful for people who do sedentary work, no workouts, more stress etc.

  12. Irregular menstruation.

  13. Detox effects of smoking and alcohol. We do further treatment if required for de-addictions as well.

  14. People who would like to concentrate on muscle building. After fat loss, muscle building becomes an easy job! 🙂

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