Arun Baskar Developmental Delay Homeopathy

Practo - ReviewEndometriosis- Homeopathy


AarthiPCOD & Thyroid

Prashanth DSWeight Loss - 12kg & Inch loss 18mm


“One of my relative’s son had taken treatment for ADHD syndrome, within 8 to 10 months treatment shown a good response in him. His delayed milestones improved well. We are really happy with her treatment and it was not costly too. Dr. Jasna has become a ray of hope for the depressed parents of the boy.”

Priya MadhuADHD Treatment

“I had severe issues with my periods for a couple of years now. For almost 4 years I have been on allopathy treatment, taking hormone tablets to induce periods. That is when I came to know of Dr. Jasna. I was a little skeptical of taking Homoeopathy. But I must say, this was one of the best decisions of my life. The very systematic approach of Dr. Jasna, helped me. By the end of the 6th month from the time I started treatment, I saw great improvements in my periods and now I am very very happy, as my periods have come back to normalcy now! Its been 3 months now and it has been on dot!

The best thing I like about Dr. Jasna is the patience she has in understanding all my worries and suggests the best medication for me. I can vouch for her treatment and professionalism any day. Thank you for being there for me Doctor!”

Nithya KrishnaMenses Irregular Homeopathy

I had done this program 11months back, still I had good weight reduction & now I weigh 83kg. I lost total 21kg in 11months . 


Rohith Customer Experience


Jessen JoseHomeo and Adore therapy for weight loss

Max- Veterinary Treatment



Devasena Allergic Rhinitis

Practo - ReviewCustomer Experience

Sujitha - Practo - ReviewCustomer Experience

Priya MadhuADHD Homeo Treatment

“I have had a really good experience with Dr Jasna ,it was a very beneficial treatment which solved my health issues and also lost solid weight in a natural way…”

Bhrundha Sam

Jayadeep VarierCustomer Experience

Nila Migraine Homeopathy

“Well… to be honest i was so reluctant to go homeapathy when i started developing skin allergies on my face and and allover the body…. I had a consultation due to my wife’s compulsion.. but Dr.Jasna prooved it wrong on my apprehension over Homeopathy treatment & medicines
Her unique way of diagnosis method is the one I have never seen with anyother doctors.. She understands/ identifies the real core reason behind any ailment & gives remedies accordingly.. its been 4 months i have been going for consultation for my ailment, i am seeing 100% results from her treatment..

Periodic follow up sessions are giving better results thro her consultation..
Definitely a best Dr. I have seen so far & can recommend her without any 2nd thought.


Raj SaravanakumarPsoriasis

Practo Review - Deepa GPCOS Homeopathy

Practo - ReviewCase taking Experience

Practo - ReviewWeight loss - 15kg

Sujaya MThyroid Homeopathy


“I was happy with Dr Jasna’s friendliness, Explanation of the health issue,
weight loss treatment program satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time.Its an excellent weight loss treatment in banglore.

I lost 6.8kgs in 25 days. I am diabetic and my FBS was 256. Had high cholestrol and uric acid as well. I had always been under Allopathic medication.

This program was very helpful to me, as all issues are currently under control, especially, the cholestrol and uric acid levels. I have also been able to reduce the dosage of my Allopathic medication now. I am really happy about this.

The diet planned for me was specific to my condition and was very good. I am still happy to continue to follow the diet they suggested to follow further, even after the program has come to an end, which would help me remain healthy and fit. The initial 3-4 days were a bit tough, but then after that the body moulds itself to help you manage the diet.
I had a good loss in fat, which reduced from 32 percent to 22 percent and my muscles increased.”

Georgia RoyWeight Loss- 6.8KG, Normalised blood sugar & cholesterol

Reema Kids Severe Constipation

“Trusted and proven results from homeopathy treatment . Dr. Jasna Sushanth treating my kid for her adenoid , my mother for diabetes, n my mother in law for her wheezing.she is completely taking personal care and by her treatment we are avoiding antibiotics for my kid in the past six months.she is very good in assessing the problem and very talented in her young age.”

Harini DeepakAdenoid Homeopathy

Practo Review Fibroid and menses irregular - Homeo

“I met Dr. Jasna only a few months back in Kaggadasapura main road. Me and my wife are very much pleased on her advice and medicines for our B.P. and Leg pain and for my wife’s cholesterol control and also digestion. We had sleepless nights for many days and now we are much relieved. Dr. did not restrict on our food intake, we are strict vegetarians.”

K.S. Ramachandran & Saraswati

Abhijith & Wife Migraine & PCOD Treatment Wife

“I am in treatment for excess hairfall. With in 2 months of treatment my hair fall reduced drastically. Thanks Dr for the good treatment.”


Deepti VadadiKids care

“Dr. Jasna is a very intelligent dr. My kid was suffering with frequent cold and cough problems, he used to be on nebuliser for months for his wheezing problem but since I have started Dr. Jasna treatment he is better. She has a correct diagnosis with a correct and proven treatment. She is treating me (fibroid problem and thyroid problem) and my kid (frequent cold and coughs) and we have got proven reults with her treatment. Thank-you Dr. for taking care of us.”


“Well I must say I am far beyond impressed with Dr. Jasna’s way of treatment. My first appointment with Dr. Jasna was 2 months ago and I admit that her treatment is really helping me alot. She is really a very knowledgeable person and very kind.

Additionally I am also taking up the weight loss management programme which has also helped me burn some calories. Thank you doctor.

I would highly recommend this to my friends.

Pooja HariharanWEIGHT LOSS
Pavan SinghChronic Tonsillitis

Deepika DharanThyroid and Weight loss 6.5kg

“I have been off antibiotics for my recurring throat infections ever since I started consulting D.Jasna…which for me is a big thing as I was getting resistant to most basic antibiotics due to regular use.
She has reaffirmed my faith in Homeopathy.”

K.V. Vinod

Practo Review Rheumatic

“I consulted Dr. Jasna for my sick cat who is suffering from rodent ulcer.. just 2 weeks of her medicines and I could visibly see good improvement in my cat. She was very patient to all my queries. I haven’t met her not even spoke to her but her online/mobile consultation itself is very appealing. Thank you very much Dr. Looking forward to recommending my friends for painless and effective treatment.

Risha Chandni Alameen

“Dr. Jesna is very friendly. Her consultation is too good that she used to explain about the problems clearly and her medicines really works.. I have already recommended to others.

Ansi Muneer

Weight Loss

“Dr. Jasna is very systematic. Record keeping. she has very much computer, android presence. She listens all my issues patiently and will record promptly. I improved a lot better now. Thank you doctor. She will try and counsel all possible ways to heal a patient. I recommend her for best homeopathic treatment.


Practo- ReviewAcidity & Insomnia

“I took treatment from Jasna for hair fall after child birth. From the first medication itself I start to feel the improvement. Her medicines not only cured my hair fall problem but also other issues like allergy and some abdominal problems. am very much Thankful to her. God bless her.

Umapriya Arunprasad

Practo -Review Case taking

Asha PaulChronic Asthma

“We approached Dr. Jasna Sushanth for my husband hairfall problem he was almost getting bald… Dr. Jasna is a very calm Dr… She took 2 hrs to analyze the problem and today we are so happy with her advice and medicine… My husband got his hair back.. 🙂 Thank you Dr.. if anyone has this problem pls approach her.


“I had consulted Dr. Jasna for vocal strain, which i developed being a professional singer. I had severe pain around the throat associated with hoarseness in voice. Just one week into medication, I am feeling much better and I hope to recover with her advices on voice rest.”

Jaideep Varier

Practo - ReviewInfertility - Customer Experience

Practo ReviewARTHRITIS

“I must tell all of you, Dr Jasna Sushanth is very excellent doctor and I also visited her clinic last month. The hospitality which is given by Value Life Homeopathy & Weight loss Management clinic it was really awesome. I genuinely recommended all ..”

Priya Manju

Jayaram Weight Loss -6.8kg - reduced blood sugar

Practo- Review Obesity - Case Taking Experience

Practo - ReviewCase Taking Experience

Practo Review PCOD

Practo Review Asthma and Adore Diet Therapy


“very nice doctor. I met her at her home clinic . i met her for migraine issue. just 2 months i could go. but amazing results. I was on allopathy then tried ayurveda and another homeo doctor at elec city. but didnt find any result. I am totally happy and working very well for me”

Nila Manoj

“Super doctor and their team. Very disciplined and planned treatment . They have a proper tracking on follow ups and documents . Also patient care is just amazing . Very reasonable than corporate homeopathy clinics big budget schemes. Her knowledge is complete i can say. They respect patient time as well.
I took treatment for my son , for AUTISM . It is almost 3 years now. But am just super happy that every month there is improvement in my son . He is almost talking like a normal perosn. Hopefully he will be better soon. Finger crossed. I was lil hesitatnt to share info about my son. But now i feel all parents should know their is treatment for this issue.
I personaly took treatment for LIPOMA , its just 8months now . Best treatment available for Iipoma can find it is getting siftened and still contniuing her medications. Am sure our doctor and help me. She is our ray of hope. I stay at chandapura. Distance was a concern for me . Now i am super happy she is here at electronic city.”

Jagdish KumarExcellent Autism & Lipoma Treatment

Practo Review Customer Experience

“Excellent treatment & Cost Effective Weight Loss Programs!

I approached Dr. Jasna for my Bilateral PCOD & Fibroid Treatment. Doctor’s approach to my issue was very methodical. I was first advised to do a Detox, which helped me lose 4.5 kgs, with a very good fat reduction. It was after this that my homoeopathic treatment for PCOD and Fibroid. Within 6 months my PCOD came back to normal, with regular menstruals! I am still undergoing treatment of my Fibroid and there is a fairly good reduction in size seen.

I am very thankful to Dr. Jasna for the care and guidance she has offered. Medicines are of very good quality (does not have a bad smell), as opposed to Homeo medicines I have taken from some other Doctors. Most importantly medication and weight loss programs offered are very reasonable in terms of pricing. Thank you very Dr. Jasna!”

Meenakshi RangarajExcellent treatment & Cost Effective Weight Loss Programs!

“Their methodology of treatment and patient care is something that i would like to appreciate. Doctor jasna had done very specific method to treat my issue . She was very clear in telling me first we will do your diet correction and then we will go for medicines if required. Medicines were always given a second priority. She is a medical encyclopedia 🙂 . My TSH level was 15 and after diet it came down to 7. Continued her treatment and now it came back to all normal . Trust me you will get addicited to her diet , as you feel energetic.
MY SISTER: had Ca ovary and had been taking treatment for 2 years now, her troubles came down in 3 months time and now her values are close to normal, thats what inspired me to go there .
MY MAID : also takes treatment from her, she charged only for medicines , she doesnt take consultation from such crowds. I seriously liked her human gesture .
COST : Very cost effective . whenever i went to homeopaths they charged me every 10days medicines 500 plus some tonic . Here it costed me 1200 max for 1 month medicines it is inclusive of consultation. Tonic if required she suggests thats it.


Nithya Krishna

“Excellent planned and structured diet plan from dr. Jasna and team. Doctor was always available on call or messages for any clarification. Highlighting part i want to mention is reduction on thyroid dosage. Thanks doctor for detailed guidance and my weight is in normal range now after long years.

Ramya SS

“I strongly recommend for those who are lookit for Lipoma solution. Perfect analysis and punctual followups and customised guidance makes it a stop for your search of weight mamamanage package”

Sriraghu Nandan

“I consulted Dr. Jasna expecting permanent solution for PCOD and thyroid disorder although we stay quiet far. She was extremely patient and did a detailed case study. She also mentioned that it takes a long time to get permanent cure and that I have to follow through. I just followed her instructions. All follow-ups were consulted over phone. Within 1 year, my PCOD got cured. For the past 3 months my periods are regular without any medications. The strength of my thyroid tablet has reduced and hoping to get rid off it completely with homeopathy medicines. Thank you Dr. Jasna for your treatment. She is also easily approachable.- Niya “

Jessen Jose Wife PCOD Homeo

Sooraj Cleris UCustomer Experience

“A very knowledgeable doctor. Thank you so much for treating us with care!”


SHUBHAM SAHACustomer experience





SamWeight Loss